Murals Castlegate

Murals have been painted for thousands of years. Some of the earliest paintings can be found in Egyptian tombs, in Pompeii and in Minoan places. Just what is a Mural exactly? Mural is a derivative of the word “murus” meaning wall, so, a mural is a drawing or painting put directly onto a wall’s surface. They are often large and can sometimes even tell stories of kingdoms, wars, families and journeys.

You may have seen some modern murals on the sides of buildings. A famous outdoor painter is Banksy who’s work seems to appear out of nowhere on the sides of buildings and bridges. Some are very realistic, using buildings characteristics to create faces or scenes that look three dimensional. Others tell a story or have concepts whilst still others are abstract colour filled spaces that bring life and vitality to dull streets.
Other murals can be found indoors. Murals showing scenes of forests, waterfalls or fantasy creatures can be bought as wallpaper and pasted directly onto a wall, or skilled artists can be hired to paint any commission image onto your interior wall. There are so many different types of Murals.

Castlegate in Sheffield, York, has a rich history in art and culture. On just about any street corner, you can find galleries or museums full of beautiful displays. There’s so much creative energy in Sheffield that it’s easy to believe one of the best bespoke painters lives there.

Richard Smithson has been painting for almost 40 years with his family in Castlegate and the surrounding areas. The business started in 1984 and went from strength to strength gaining a City and Guilds Advanced Craft and Colour Design Award. In 2020 Richards daughter joined the company as an apprentice and now is a fully qualified decorator. The team now are corporate members of the ‘guild of master-craftsmen’. His exterior painting is of the highest quality, and his interior painting of Murals and more is second to none! His services include:
Interior decorating, exterior decorating, specialist wall coverings, painted colour effects and also hand painted bespoke furniture, kitchens, bedrooms or nurseries.
Yes, if you want a decorator who’s service is of the highest quality, look no further than Castlegate – home to Richard Smithson Decorating Services.

So, what are you looking for? Do you have a newborn on the way and want a beautiful nursery finished? Maybe your children are growing up and need a change of colour in their rooms? Maybe you’re just moving into a new place and want to put your mark on it with some modern paintwork and geometric murals? Or perhaps you want the outside of your property sprucing up. Whatever the case, whether you want clean modern decorating, external paint work done, or bespoke murals, Castlegate’s Richard Smithson has about 40 years of experience under his belt. On his website you will find customers comments on the great service provided as well as galleries displaying their work.
You will also see he contact information:
Phone: 01142392989 / 07831588477