Childrens Murals Castlegate

Did you know? Colour really affects your mood. Interior designers base the colour of the room on the purpose of the room to get the best effect. Musicians and artists spaces, café’s and restaurants, Hotels and Spa’s all have a certain mood, and colour is a big contributing factor.

Did you also know, that colour will greatly affect children too? For instance, Red is associated with creativity, alertness and appetite but it can also evoke aggression, lack of focus and headaches.
Blue can be calming, relieving anxiety and aggression, but it can also decrease appetite and potentially cool the body. These affects and more may seem strange, but the connection between mind and body is very real and can affect the mood of your children.

Of course as a parent you want the best for your children so, creating a cosy, inviting and healthy environment for them is very important to you.
Richard Smithson in Castlegate, Sheffield, is a very skilled painter and decorator who can produce beautiful Murals. A mural is a picture painted or pasted directly onto a wall. They are usually quite large and can fill a whole wall. So think, what is your child’s favourite cartoon? Do they have a favourite toy? Are they into space and rockets, do they like animals or maybe music? Whatever they like, you can give an image to Richard Smithson and his team will reproduce a painted Mural of it in your children’s bedroom. For the best children’s murals Castlegate offers, choose Richard Smithson Decorating Services.

Richard Smithson has been running his Decorating Service for almost 40 years, so his experience and reputation are solid. He started in 1984 and gained a City and Guilds in Craft and Colour design. Later both he and his daughter as a team became corporate members of the “guild of master-craftsmen”. Richard and his daughter are by far some of the best in the business. If you use their services, you will not regret it. Just have a look at some of the customer comments on their website!

As well as children’s murals, Castlegate’s Richard Smithson also hand paints furniture, kitchens, bedrooms and nurseries. They also do interior decorating, exterior decorating, specialist wall coverings and painted colour effects. So, whether you’re a residential, commercial, or industrial customer, all jobs can be covered.
In view of Richard Smithson’s skill and experience, you can find peace in knowing that even if choosing the right colours for your bedroom, or any other room for that matter, is overwhelming, they can easily help you for the best results.

So, no matter what decorating need you have Richard Smithson Decorating Services can get it done to the highest standard imaginable. To see their skills, you can go on their website and view their gallery which is full of fantastic work – Murals, painted kitchens, external decorating and more!

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