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Many people love interior design. The thought of moving into a new place or simply re-decorating a room fills them with excitement. But, did you know that there is a lot more to interior design than simply choosing nice colours and furniture? One of the biggest things to have an influence on a room is it’s colour which is also largely affected by light. So, to understand how to create the best effect in a room, you must understand the rooms purpose and what colours and lighting  affect that purpose. In turn, the placement of furniture and even the type of furniture will finish it off nicely.

Let’s take colour for example. What type of room do you want to create? Is it a cosy, warm, homely living room? Or is it an inviting dining room where the whole family will eat together? Is it an artistic space where you want to feel comfortable enough for ideas to flow? Colour can and will affect your result in a large way. Take a look at this list of colours with their effects.
Red: Love, energy and excitement.
Yellow: Creativity, happiness and warmth.
White: Clean, simple, innocent.
Green: Nature, freshness, peace.
Brown: Earthy, simple, trustworthy.

These are just some of the colours you may want to use. If for instance you would like to create a warm, inviting, family living room, painting the walls white, having black furniture, high ceilings and sparse object placement may not be the best choice. On the other hand, you could use earthy natural colours, comfortable furniture and close whilst uncluttered object placement.
Much of what is decided is subjective meaning, it comes down to how each person feels themselves and what they are used to. But there are some fundamentals that will greatly affect how you feel about a space when it’s “finished”.

A room you will spend a lot of time in is the bedroom. It will affect how you sleep, how you end the day and how you start it. Having something like a bespoke hand painted mural may be just what you need to give that room your mark and make you feel at home. Bedroom murals Castlegate offers will not leave you disappointed.

Richard Smithson creates bespoke bedroom murals. Castlegate’s Richard Smithson is one of the best master-craftsmen in the decorating business. With over 40 years of experience, he can turn a cold uninspiring room into a relaxing nest, a creative cave or a focussed workspace.
Castlegate is in Sheffield and Richard Smithson serves the surrounding areas of Yorkshire. Having done so for such a long time, he’s has established a happy client base and a good reputation. On his website you can see the fantastic hand painted Murals done in Nurseries and bedrooms. Just hand them your design and watch your walls come to life!

If you want a master  bedroom mural painter and decorator and you live in or near Castlegate in Yorkshire here’s the only details you need:
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